RYPLIO is ‘Social Network Marketing’!

March 27, 2019

Most every organization needs customers. Whether for-profit or not - you are looking to acquire people who will exchange their money for your goods, services or cause-related activities. Most marketing efforts result in one-to-one customer acquisition. You invest your marketing budget, get conversions and divide the budget by the conversions - to get your CPA. It’s been happening this way for decades.

But hundreds - if not thousands of acquisitions have been left on the table - never acquired - because it simply wasn’t possible to track or measure organic referrals throughout multiple generations before. But now it is. RYPLIO gives you the ability to create a massive audience of targeted customers to speak to with its unique ‘acquisition engine’! Now - every impression that comes to your engagement can be empowered to become a ‘cylinder’ in your acquisition engine - inviting their like-minded network of friends and followers to engage - through simple but meaningful incentives.

Who better to share your campaign than those who have engaged at any level? If they were interested - it is almost guaranteed they have connections who have similar tastes and interests. And when those who have engaged share the campaign - and their connections engage - RYPLIO captures the entire journey - creating an ‘Influence Web’ that demonstrates who the people and channels were that brought in the most conversions at every level - from impressions - right through to sales - both organically - and intentionally!

Only with RYPLIO can you gain access to thousands of networks of like-minded people that you would otherwise never see - through both organic and paid influence! Only with RYPLIO can you measure the entire multi-generational path of influence of each person who shares - giving credit to those influencers who bring in the most conversions! Only with RYPLIO can you get ‘one-to-many’ customer acquisition!

RYPLIO has ‘cracked the nut’ with customer acquisition - by combining Social Media Marketing with the measurement tools of Network Marketing - to create a way to exponentially target and grow your audience - and measure which people and channels are bringing back the greatest return on your marketing investment!

Welcome to Social Network Marketing! Welcome to RYPLIO!