Leverage The 'RYPL' Effect

January 30, 2019

This is what happens in a RYPL.io campaign. Leads come in to your campaign microsite or RYPL-embedded website through a share made in a social media post during a campaign. It could be a share made on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp, SMS, FB Messenger or any other platform where sharing can happen. And when your new leads engage and they also share - something awesome begins to happen! A multi-generational influence web is generated - growing as each new lead engages and shares as well.

Every person that comes into your campaign as a result of someone sharing is 'earned media' - a completely free acquisition! Whether you leverage your owned media - or you invest in paid media to drive traffic to your campaign - each person that shares the campaign has their own community or network of likeminded people that are also given the opportunity to engage and share - showing you a powerful visual of the power of sharing to bring in new, FREE, qualified leads!

If you have a dog - chances are good you have people in your social networks that have a dog. If you like Starbucks - chances are good you have people in your social networks that like Starbucks. RYPL gives you the ability to pull these likeminded people into your campaign through their friends' sharing - growing your audience exponentially!

You create the campaign - leverage your owned media - and budget some paid media - then push them all through your campaign - nested in 'The RYPL' - and watch the exponential power of incentivized sharing kick in! You've just moved from 1-to-1 to 1-to-many amplified acquisition! You're Welcome!