Leverage Advocacy Marketing to Turn Each New Customer Into Multiple Customers

One of your biggest untapped assets as a company is your existing audience - made up of your customers, followers, opt-ins, etc. In marketing - these folks are referred to as ‘owned media’. The reason we call them assets is because they all have spheres of influence made up of family, friends and colleagues who have things in common - or similar tastes or likes. For example - if someone has a pet - it’s likely they have connections - within their personal and professional networks - with other pet-owners. Commonality is at the heart of all types of relationships. And with this likemindedness comes opportunity. People love to talk about companies, products and their experiences - especially with people who can relate. It’s just natural to engage in a topic that is meaningful to those around you. Many times - without any intentionality - these people become advocates of a company, product - or a subject matter.

Targeting in marketing is of primary importance to any advertising strategy - because it helps a company reach the right type of consumer without having to pay to go through a bunch of non-target people - a much better investment of the advertising budget. One of the wisest and most cost effective ways to target is by leveraging the relationships of your owned media - an audience filled with many who are already advocates - thus giving you access to a plethora of likeminded people who would fall into the target being sought.

Advocacy Marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on getting your current customers to talk about your brand and products - your message - to those in their spheres of influence. It is a marketing channel that - unlike other channels - brings a measurably higher return on your marketing investment - ‘paid media’ - by acquiring and activating new engagements at a much lower cost!

So what if you could put your advocacy marketing campaign on steroids? Each person in your current audience sits atop their very own ‘advocacy network’. If each of them were motivated to advocate within your campaign - their influence would amplify - reaching into each of their networks of likeminded people. And if each of those who engage were properly motivated to advocate as third-parties - the process would continue - spreading virally - and bringing in what is referred to as ‘earned media’ - a targeted audience filled with qualified, potential customers who have opted into your marketing funnel. The cost of this earned media acquisition is negligible - if not completely free - driving down your overall CPA - and most importantly - growing your arsenal of advocates - who will continually amplify your audience as you empower them to advocate.

Over time you will be able to significantly reduce your ‘paid media’ marketing budget while increasing your marketing efforts and results - all through advocacy marketing.

With RYPLIO - you will be able to measure the effectiveness of not only each campaign - but of each advocate - empowering you to see what - and who - is working best - equipping you to make the most sound marketing investment decisions - on-the-fly! Get the best mileage from your marketing dollars - create your very own RYPL today!