How to Turn Website Traffic Into a Traffic Generator

April 7, 2019

You have a website and you pay a lot of money in advertising, labor and time to get the traffic that it gets. What if you could take your website traffic and turn it into a traffic generator without interfering with what you currently do? In this article we discuss the integration of incentivized social sharing and how it can turn your current traffic into a traffic driver.

The Power of The Lightbox

Most websites these days have the integration of a lightbox or a pop-up of some sort. Typically, a Lightbox will ask people to exchange their email for a coupon, newsletter subscription or some sort of minor incentive that gets people to share their contact info. This is great, but one simple integration can make it much more valuable.

Coupon Upgrade Method

Do you utilize coupons in your business through a lightbox on your website? Or perhaps you deliver them by email instead. If you leverage either of these methods, you can add a coupon upgrade in exchange for a social share to start driving additional traffic through your current customers.

How It’s Done

If you already offer an X% off coupon in exchange for signing up for your newsletter, then all you have to do is add a step after the initial opt-in that upgrades their coupon in exchange for sharing your offer with their friends on social.

The social sharing is integrated right into the lightbox after the initial email opt-in. When customers click one of the social sharing icons, it will open up the share on their social media account and all they have to do is post to receive the upgraded discount code.

Now their friends who never visited your website are seeing an offer on social to come check out the site and get up to X% off. This can go on for many degrees to unlock a significant amount of traffic and exposure without costing you a dime. You are leveraging your owned media to create earned media.

An alternative method is to offer the social sharing incentive inside of the welcome email that they receive if you don’t want to offer social sharing directly from a lightbox. Inside of the welcome email you offer an incentivized call-to-action. This can either drive them to a hidden page on your site, or a custom microsite built out to engage social sharing.

The Better The Incentive the More Free Traffic

Coupons are great, but naturally the better the incentive, the more people you are going to get to share and come in as a result of seeing a share. This is why we recommend a giveaway integration.

Step 1:

Offer your visitors to exchange their email, SMS, or messenger subscription in exchange to be entered for a giveaway along with getting a coupon for a certain percentage off of their next purchase

Step 2:

Next, ask for a social share in order to both upgrade their coupon along with being entered into an even better giveaway.

This format works exactly the same as the coupon upgrade method, but now you are upping the value which in turn will create more earned media through social sharing.  

Lightbox Entry
Lightbox Sharing

Note the example above. The initial engagement asked for an email to be entered to win 1 of 10 pairs of headphones and receive a discount code. The sharing incentive offered to upgrade the discount count and be entered to win a Monster Bundle full of all sorts of valuable electronics that they sell in their store.

It’s really that easy. This strategy will enable you to turn traffic into traffic generators without interfering with any of your current initiatives. Even if only a small percentage of visitors end up sharing, they are generating free traffic through social media that you weren’t previously getting. The more traffic you get to your site and the better the offer to share, the more valuable this mechanism becomes.