3 Tips on Leveraging Instagram Stories for Influencer Marketing (that actually work)

May 8, 2019

Instagram Stories has taken social media by the storm since its release just over two years ago. It’s expected to generate more ad revenue than all of Snapchat this year.

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg claimed in the beginning of last year "Stories are on track to overtake posts in feeds as the most common way that people share across all social apps."


Not long after the release of Instagram Stories, Instagram released the swipe-up capability for Stories. This enables business pages with more than 10,000 followers to insert links in their stories through a “swipe up” functionality. It was game-changer for Instagram as previously the only place links could be leveraged were inside of the Instagram bio.

The resulting growth of stories and link-friendly features has made this format one of the best places to leverage influencer marketing campaigns. Today we share three tips that you can use when leveraging Instagram Stories for your influencer marketing campaigns.

1. Experiment with the interactivity features

Instagram Stories offers a variety of interactive features that can create better engagement on your sponsored story posts.


This can be used to gather customer insight and ensure that the impressions you are receiving on content are actually engaged and not just quickly swiping through without paying attention.

Some of the interactivity and elements include:

  • Polls - People can vote on one of two options
  • Quizzes - Design quizzes with a question and four possible answers
  • Questions - Ask questions where people can submit responses to
  • Countdown - Insert a countdown timer to create anticipating for certain events
  • Donation - Insert a charity of your choice that people can donate to from Stories
  • Gifs - Add gifs using their Giphy search engine
  • Stickers - Add stickers that help improve aesthetic and your call-to-action

2. Leverage Instagram Story takeovers

A story takeover is when an influencer takes over your story for a day. This opportunity can provide a unique content experience for your brand and theirs, as well as a phenomenal brand recognition opportunity.


Here are some tips and ideas to ensure your Instagram Stories takeover is a success:

  • Take your audience behind the scenes - Many brands leverage takeovers to give their audience a behind the scenes look of their brand or a specific event. For example, Lollapalooza will have different artists take over their Stories to take them behind the scenes at their festival and show them things they wouldn’t ordinarily see.
  • Do a Q&A - Influencers have a large audience for a reason. They are interesting and people admire who they are. Leverage the questions interactivity to give your audience and their audience an opportunity to
  • Incorporate live - Instagram Stories offers live capabilities. Have the influencer go live. One cool feature is they can invite your audience to join them in a one-on-one, giving fans an opportunity to personally interact and with the influencer.
  • Promote the takeover in advance - Have a promotion strategy in place prior to the takeover. This includes posting across your own social handle, but also having the influencer promote it as well to their own audiences.
  • Have the influencer share your story to their own story - When a handle is tagged in an Instagram Story, it can be shared to other stories. Be sure that the influencers taking over your page are sharing your story to their own story. This will make sure you maximize the exposure for your brand.
  • Leverage story highlight after the campaign - A story highlight gives you the opportunity to pin a story as a highlight in your bio. The benefit of this is that it is there permanently and you can continue to have that content available for those that may not have seen it on the day of the takeover.

3. Promote contests

Contests are one of the most lucrative ways to leverage the swipe-up link because it gives an audience an incentive to engage with your campaign and links. It enables you to convert a paid audience to an owned audience which is key for running successful influencer marketing campaigns.


For example, say you have a skincare product. You can have the influencer go through their skincare routine on stories to show how they personally use their product. Insert a CTA that lets their audience know they can swipe up for a chance to win a skincare package from your brand.

This is not only an effective method for capturing opt-ins and driving traffic, but it also provides you data and insights on an influencers story performance that you may not be able to get without the swipe up link.

It enables you to derive a cost-per-click,  cost-per-contact and even a total ROI when setup properly. This will help you to understand which influencers are most effective at getting people to take action towards your brand. You can learn more about how we measure the effectiveness of contests here.


Instagram Stories is quickly adapting and becoming a dominant force in the influencer marketing industry. Hopefully these three tips have provided you with some inspiration on how you can leverage Instagram Stories for your influencer marketing program.